Sunday, 16 July 2017

Miyajidake Shrine

This is one of the must-visit shrines, I must say. It is located in Fukutsu city in the Kyushu. You may not notice this shrine, but you shall notice the signboard as you head towards Fukuma Fishing Port.

This shrine is special because the sunrise in February and November fall right through the centre of the scenery if you stand at the top of the staircase, like in this picture below.

Imagine the sun at the horizon, right at the centre.

Not only it is famous for the beautiful sunrise, but the shimenawa (in simpler words, the twisted rope in the picture) in front of the shrine, the giant drum as well as the giant bell  make this shrine well-known too! It's a bummer I did not take pictures of those drum and bell!

A garden of iris flowers lay in front of the shrine. The smell is strong too~ Then, we have the charms shop~

Not so sure what this is, but it's a cow.
Maybe not just any cow, but a holy cow.
sorry for trying to be funny

Walking further behind the main shrine, we went up the hill. There are so many toriis and they remind me of Kyoto.

Small shrine we encountered on our way.

Water for purification~

I really wish I could capture more photos, but I could not. It was already sunset when we arrived there, and as we walked, the sky got darker. You can tell from the first picture through the last one in this post. I really do recommend this shrine~ The entrance is free, but the parking is a problem. We parked the car somewhere 200m away from the shrine.


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