Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Komo Shrine

I hope I got the name of the place right.

This was my next stop in the Oita Prefecture. There are several parking spots at the entrance and this shrine is also a PokeStop!

Keep walking and you will be greeted by this view~ Turn right and walk a little more~

Not sure what these are.

The charms sold in this shrine are all on road safety. Safe drive, safe journey, etc. I bought a charm here because I was reminded of my car accident that happened recently.

Walk pass the shrine and be enchanted.

There is a big garden and the trees are tall. Walking there made me feel like I was in a fairy tale. Most importantly, the main attraction of this shrine is not this big garden, but the lake. Not just any lake, but a lake with a torii.
Photo was captured by host, edited by me.

It's really pretty, I wish I could take great pictures of the garden itself. Walking further down the garden, there was another path that leads to somewhere, but I did not explore there. There are also benches for visitors to rest, and I found two pine-cones on one of the benches.

 Komo Shrine is also one of the shrines that does not have any charges for visiting~


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