Saturday, 15 July 2017

*I can't recall the name of this place*

We parked outside the shrine and it was only a few minutes away~ You have to walk pass the woods to enter the shrine~

Woods mean there will be mosquitoes. So, prepare yourself with mosquito repellent before walking here. There is a small shrine along your way to the main shrine~

This shrine is quiet, probably because it is not one of those popular shrines. However the small shrines that you will see are worth to be photographed.

Maybe the shrine is a little too quiet.


Not a nice photo but it's a nice view. I wish my eyes could capture every thing I see~

Remember the wooden blocks I mentioned in my Nakatsu Castle entry? Here's a closer shot~

A really close shot.

There's a good looking man who lives nearby. Let me marry him and have a healthy baby with him, please.

Just a rough translation. XD

Took an instax before leaving~

Free entrance too~ Just remember that you'll have to park your motor vehicle outside~


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