Saturday, 13 May 2017

Worst Evening Ever

Yes, people who know me well know that I will have my walk and feed the strays every evening.
Like usual, today is no exception. After I fed the stray dogs, they walked with me. Sometimes, the strays will run to the alley behind my housing area and chase other stray cats away. Today, they encountered something else.

They walked ahead and as I walked behind, I could hear a soft meow. I knew instantly that it must be a kitten. I looked everywhere and found the stray dogs trotted to a corner. Suddenly, there was no meowing sound anymore. I locked my sight at the stray dogs where their backs were facing me. I felt uneasy.

I ran to the dogs and saw that one of them had a kitten in its mouth. The kitten was still alive and it was in pain, I could tell. I hit that dog and ordered it to let go of the kitten. But stray does not listen to anyone. I heard a crushing sound, it was the kitten's ribcage where the dog bit. The kitten was barely alive. I hit the dog several times and it put the kitten on the ground. It just put the kitten on the ground just to bite its head. I heard another one or two crushing sounds. I knew right away that the kitten's gone.

I felt so horrible and helpless as I watched the kitten die before me.

My evening walk always makes me feel better and more relaxed, but today is different. I feel even more depressed. I felt like I caused the death of the kitten. If I were braver, I would have forced open the dog's mouth and saved the kitten. I just feel that this wouldn't have happened if I hadn't decided to walk at the alley. I could have saved the kitten.

Recalling what happened just now makes me feel depressed and bitter.


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