Wednesday, 5 April 2017

First Kiss

First of all,
No, it has nothing to do with lips.

Okay, what I meant is I had a car accident. I crashed into the car in front of me due to road sudden brake. Many other cars managed to slide to the side but I didn't make it in time and kissed the back of the car in front.

The back of the front car has a small dent and the bumper fell off a little, but my car has a worse condition. My bonnet has a dent and the bumper is not in place, and the glass of the flash light broke.

No one is injured, but I had a shock and slurred speech when the bang happened. 

I feel tired for going to and fro the car service centre, but I'm fine. So please don't worry about me ^___^ I need to be extra careful next time, and I am glad to know that there are people who worry about what happened to me. 

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