Monday, 27 March 2017

[REVIEW] CANMAKE Your Lip Only Gloss in 03 Clear & Vivid

One can never own too many lip products,
says no one ever.

This is another review of a Canmake product~ I have always wanted the gloss on my lips,so I had decided to buy myself one~

Packaging made of cardboard material with flower theme~

Clear bottle~

Also, there are glitters in it! And look at the applicator! It's pink!

For Your Lips
Well, it changes colour depending on the moisture of your lips. So yes, it depends on you as the wearer, and the colour that comes out is unique to each individual. When my lips are more moisturised, the colour that comes out appear to be more vivid!

Won't Wear Off
Nothing is permanent. Get over it. Also, the more lip movements involved, the quicker the gloss disappears.

This is how it looks like indoor with natural lighting~

Notice the pearls~?


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