Monday, 20 March 2017

[REVIEW] CANMAKE Lip Tint Syrup in 03 Azalea

Yay~ Another lip product review~
So this is it~

Clear packaging~

It is pretty small.


Syrup-like Texture, which moisturizes
I am not sure about the syrup-like texture part, but the mosturising part, yes. Because the Japanese lip tint is made up of more oil than water, unlike Korean lip tint, it really does feel a lot more moisturizing and not dying at all. Well, at least for some time. However, I noticed that the moisture goes away quickly especially when I talk a lot ( ‾́ ‾́ )

Colour Stays Even After Eating
Maybe because the colour is similar to my natural lip colour, I am not sure if there’s any colour on my lips after eating. So it is unfair for me to give this rating.

Natural Rosy Look
Yes, the colour is really natural and light. If your natural lip colour is pale like mine and you want some colour yet you don’t want anything too obvious, this is definitely for you.

This is how it looks like indoor with natural lighting~


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