Saturday, 18 March 2017

Monsta Tour

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It all started when one of our cosplay friends, Zahin, shared a post about Boboi Boy cosplayers could a stand a chance to go to Animonsta for a tour and other activities.

I was really hyped up and of course forwarded this to Spacechan and Ina. The three of us submitted our applications, and we were delighted to be informed that all the three of us were invited for the tour.

In the picture above, with us is Mr Nizam. 
Some selfies to flaunt ehehe

When I arrived at the studio, of all the staffs that I saw, I recognised her right away even when she was still in the car.

This is Ee Jean, the voice actress of Ying, the character I cosplayed <3 font="">

The children at the back are voice contributors too! The boy is the new voice actor for Ochobot! He's so adorable! I noticed him when he came to me, calling me Ying and held my hand. So cute ahahaha And on the most right, is Zahin. He cosplays as Captain Kaizo

Here is the video of the tour. Please watch it!

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