Thursday, January 12, 2017


Did anyone ask how for your exam result?
- No.
Yes, that's why. You see, no one is going to ask about your exam result. No one bothers. As long as you get a good job, like a teacher, that's good enough. And what is important is you don't commit crime.

So, this conversation stuck in my head since Sunday. The italicised ones were spoken by an adult who is a teacher, and the no was me. We were talking to a group of students who will be sitting for a public exam in September.

Although it has some truth in it, but it keeps me wondering.. If no one's gonna bother about students' results because what matters is they get a good job after they graduated, then why am I pouring so much effort in my profession?

Frankly speaking, this teaching profession is not my first choice. And to begin with, I don't teach from my heart because my interest is not present. Don't get me wrong, though. When I teach, I do teach wholeheartedly. If I had better choices, I wouldn't have listened to my mother and undergo the teaching course. Teaching is her dream after all, and not mine. As time passes by, I do get sick of being a good child lol.

Once I get my teaching certificate (or whatsoever it is), I plan to leave and go and make my dreams come true. I just want to go, and make myself happy.


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