Saturday, 7 January 2017

[REVIEW] Yadah x Sonyunara All Day Tint (01 Always Pink)


So here's another quick review! I finally tried it out!

Vivid Morning
(Long-lasting and Vivid Colour)
Yessss, it's called all day tint. Its colour does last very long. At the moment of writing this review, I am still uncertain of how long exactly can it last. So I will update on this soon! As for the vividness, it's pretty clear too!

Always Pink
I swatch it at the back of my hand, and when wet with water, it barely fades. I'm amazed by this!

Real Moist
(Healthy-looking lips)
Well, basically I often scrub and always put on moisturising lip balm. So to state whether or not it really makes the lips moist, is gonna be a bias. But, leaving the tint on with no lip balm on top makes my lips feel dry. The dry dry, not the cracked or chapped lips kind of dry.

Gradient Lips

Full Colouring Lips


Top photos: 9 hours later, with scrubbing of at least twice and a meal.
Bottom right: 11 hours later, with scrubbing of at least twice and heavy meals.
Bottom left: Almost 24 hours later. Gradient stain remains but barely noticeable.


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