Wednesday, 21 December 2016

UFO Catcher~

If you haven't noticed this yet, I actually enjoy playing the UFO Catcher. It also goes by the names of  Claw Machine and Crane Machine. I started having interest in this since late 2015, that's about one year ago, when I saw my brother playing and he gave some tips. I get addicted to the game too soon lol.

The fun and excitement in the process of getting the toy keeps me going until today. As of January till mid September 2016, I have got more than 120 toys

More than 30 toys have been given away to pre-school students and my cousins.
Sometimes, the people watching me play are more excited than I am 

Come to think of it, I wonder how much money I could have saved if I hadn't been addicted to this (´∀`*)


I don't know when I will stop playing, or if I will ever stop. 
Should I capture a photo of all the toys caught this year?


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