Friday, 30 December 2016

Reviewing 2016

So it's the time of the year again! Let's flashback and review!

January: He left :( Every fan misses him dearly, that's for sure

February: Won Ola Bola movie ticket and got to watch with Mark Odea and other winners!

March: Attended my very first Lolita outing~

April: Ginna the hamster died :'(

May: Celebrated my first Teachers' Day!

June: I bought a new guitar!

July: School's drama team won the first runner up! So proud!

August: Malaysian Lolita Club's 10th anniversary and got to meet with RinRin Doll!

September: Bought cute phone casings ahahaha

October: I turned 25~

November: I started being active on YouTube!

December: I bought a camera for myself~

I am all ready for 2017 and all the obstacles waiting in front of me~ Here's a video I just uploaded 


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