Wednesday, December 28, 2016

[REVIEW] Kailijumei Secret Jelly Lipstick in Minutemaid and Barbie Doll Powder

Finally got the chance to own the pretty flower-in-a-lipstick lipstick. I wonder how people get so creative and created this lipstick. It has an actual flower as well as gold flakes in it!  ヽ(・∀・)ノ Even though it is called as lipstick, but I like to call it tinted lipbalm since it changes its colour (based on our body temperature)

Although the packaging is plain, but what's important is the inside, isn't it? Anyway, the shade of the lipstick is on top of the packaging.

The lipstick is placed in its coffin simple box and you notice that the lipstick tube looks a tad plain and really, nothing special. The brand Kailijumei is engraved on it.

When you turn it over, you'll see a small mirror on it. I think this helps a lot. You don't need to take out your small pocket mirror when you want to apply it. All you need is the lipstick itself since it comes with a mirror!

The top of the tube, which I find it interesting too.

To use the lipstick, simply push it and the lipstick will pop out a little.


Very interesting feature! ( ´ ▽ ` ) It doesn't fall from its tube, so don't worry! When you're done using it, just push it back in the tube and you will hear a click sound! It's safe, just like that~
So I bought the Minutemaid and Barbie Doll Powder shades. I am unable to swatch it on my skin because it looks really light, so I swatch it on a cotton pad.

Top: Minutemaid
Bottom: Barbie Doll Powder

Although there isn't much difference seen, but actually Barbie Doll Powder is darker than Minutemaid. Closeup of these beautiful things

Tinting Ability
So it claims that it will "give you a light pink tint that changes colors depending on your temperature and body PH".
When I first swatch on the cotton, there's almost nothing. I tried to warm it by breathing at it, and yes, it got slightly darker. Then, I used my hair dryer and blew at it. It got darker too. So yes, it does change its colour and get more obvious at a warmer temperature. However, I am unsure about the PH of the body.

Moisturising Ability
It is said to "provide hydration" and "moist your lips, prevent chapped lips with long lasting color to your lips".
Well uh.... In my case, not really. I can feel the moisture within the first hour, but as you know, nothing lasts forever. I suggest topping it with your own moisturising lipbalm. It does a good job in giving a good long lasting colour. So, if you have chapped or dry lips, I have to say that it highlights the cracks and lines.

Strawberry! If you are allergic to scented products, this isn't for you (。•́︿•̀。)

And here are more photos of them in action


Natural lip colour, indoor with natural lighting

After applying Minutemaid, indoor with natural lighting

Minutemaid in indoor with lights

Barbie Doll Powder

Natural lip colour, indoor with natural lighting

After applying it, indoor with natural lighting

Barbie Doll Powder in indoor with lights

I had to filter the photos taken indoor with natural lighting because they looked light and faint. 
Anyway yes, Barbie Doll Powder is darker than Minutemaid. I won't mind trying the other two shades! The pretty flower and gold flakes are definitely the selling points! 

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I hope this helps~


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