Monday, December 26, 2016

[REVIEW] CANDY LOVE Say Hello! Body Clear Exfoliating Cream

Back with another review before 2016 ends! So, I had been interested in this said cream mentioned in the title and decided to try it. It works like a shaving cream and I wanted to know how good or bad it is compared to the Veet sold in drugstores.

The back of the box has the direction and it seems similar to Veet.
Clean and dry the body, open the tap and press appropriate amount of nature body, thinly put the cream on the body, and leave the cream on for 10 minutes. Finally use a towel or wet paper tissue to wipe gently, then rinse with water and dry.

The smell is exactly like Veet. That pungent smell that reminds me of some chemical lol Be sure to dispose the used cream wisely to avoid the smell from staying in your house.

Moisturizing Effect
It claims to leave us with 'silky soft skin with moisturizing effect after application', but again, it is similar to Veet. Not much difference felt. But of course, I don't have the skin moisture tester . If I had, I would test it out and perhaps I could change my mind on this.

It does its job well as an exfoliating a shaving an exfoliating cream. In my opinion, if you are trying to get rid of fine hair, perhaps five or six minutes will be enough, and if you are trying to get rid of coarse or stubborn hair, perhaps twelve minutes shall be the maximum.

The Verdict
This Say Hello! cream does not come with a spatula whereas Veet does. 
Say Hello! is sold at RM 35.00 for 60 ml, whereas Veet is sold at RM 19.80 for 90ml (in Watson Malaysia).

Although it is not fair for me to compare the two products, but hey, it works just the same and it does not come with a spatula and on top of that, it is more expensive compared to Veet

So,  I don't recommend getting this one. I might as well go for Veet since it has more to offer at a lower price.


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