Thursday, October 13, 2016

Animangaki 2016

I am so sorry for the delay! I forgot to blog about this!!!
So Animangaki this year was held in Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre. I remember the first Animangaki was held in the Sunway University College and there weren't so many people. Now, there are thousands. I am always happy that the cosplay community grows!

So on the first day, Space, Hana and I cosplayed from the series Usavich. I have always liked Putin. I think Putin is adorable! Although not many people know Usavich, but I am happy that I cosplayed it.

Clockwise: ShiWei, xyz, Yuo, Space
 I don't know who xyz is, but hey, it's Professor Willow!

Clockwise: Annie, Gems, Ikki, Hana

And our group photo

I still look girly as a male character, maybe I shouldn't smile that much and put too much lip product.

And on the second day, we went as a team again, and cosplayed as Pokemon gijinkas. I had cosplayed Pikachu gijinka two years ago, but I improved myself this time. I think I quite like it. I had sewn red bows to represent the blush on Pikachu's cheeks, added wristcuffs, used different socks and shoes, as well as different fake lashes. I was actually worried that the costume would be tight on me, I believed I put on weight.

Clockwise: Zahin, AilShino, Hana, Hani and Zend

Clockwise: Space, Yuo, AKWirru

I wanted to take a selfie with AKWirru, the guest from Australia but I was so shy and Space talked to him for me. I got nervous LOL! Thank you Space!
And it was a great weekend! 

I'm a Pika girl,
In a Poke world,
We have Eevee
And its Eeveelution.

And, in the end, it seemed that I had lost weight. The costume was a tad loose. I'm happy about it but my conscious mind about my weight loss made me worry and I wondered if I didn't look healthy.


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