Friday, 16 September 2016

Malaysian Lolita Club 10th Year Anniversary Tea Party

Yes, you read it right!
This year is the 10th year already! I first knew about the Lolita fashion exactly ten years ago too. Aiko, the founder, is the first person I know from the Lolita community. She was friendly and helped me with the dresses back then. I didn't buy though because.. I was still in school and did not have much money for this fashion ( ̄▽ ̄*)ゞ

Anyway, the anniversary, yes. Aiko had invited a Lolita model as a guest to join the tea party but she couldn't come, and Aiko invited another model whom I am more familiar with, RinRin Doll. When I found out that RinRin would come instead, I was delighted, you have no idea. She models for the Japanese Lolita brand, Angelic Pretty, and I have been following her on social media.

So, the anniversary, yes. We had a day for the tea party anniversary and a day for an outing with RinRin. I signed up for both, because.... well, opportunity seldom knocks twice. And meeting RinRin would really mean something to me!

Alright, the anniversary, yes. It was held in mid August in 33 Blue Room in Petaling Jaya. I drove from my house and dropped by at my brother's to makeup and get myself all ready. Thanks to Waze for being a companion (─‿‿─)♡. I thought I was late though, but I was on time.

Merchandises! Tops, fake lashes, post cards. Oh, RinRin even brought the Tokyo Banana Heart! It was limited and I managed to get myself one~ Tokyo Banana is a famous sponge cake that people love to buy as souvenir. I felt happy to be able to taste one ( ◡‿◡ ♡) I also heard that Tokyo Banana often releases limited series of the sponge cake. This Tokyo Banana Heart series was on sale for approximately two weeks.

Keeping ourselves busy with the community~

Oh, this was what we had.

When RinRin finally arrived, I was like OH MY GODDESS. Her face is so tiny in real life! And she is so gentle and graceful!

We also had an interview session with her, which was followed by a lucky draw session. Among the gifts were wigs (sponsored by Dream Holic), accessories like corsages, pompom headbow and items like dust plugs, button badges as well as RinRin postcards. Some of the gifts were sponsored by the girls too! 

Isn't she adorable

LOL she looked funny here

I got myself RinRin's postcard~ Yay~

And some selfies with the girls~

Clockwise: Priscilla, Hermes, Bunny, Kurumi

Clockwise: ShiWei, Blackcatz, Alice, Minori

Clockwise: Iris, Usagi, Yukiki

And selfie with the star of the day

And lastly, a group photo outside~

Amazing photos were captured by YuenXi
It was such a memorable day! Thank you Aiko and other organisers who made this happen~


I'm sorry, I just had to do this even though it's big. ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ


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