Monday, August 22, 2016

[REVIEW] RinRin Doll collaboration lash - DOLLY DREAM SERIES 『Yum♪ Sugar Cupcake Doll』

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This post is dedicated to my recent fake upper eyelash! I had used it in my previous post!

I am super loving the lashes!
I don't remember when first saw the lashes, but I remember wanting to buy a pair if I had the opportunity. I think I saw it from RinRin Doll's Snapchat. In this series, there are four designs and I picked this 『Yum♪ Sugar Cupcake Doll』 series because I am a sucker for pastel colours. 

The base of the lashes......... I am not sure what to call it, but it's the curvy part where you put the eyelash glue ..... is not like the Diamond Lash or Dolly Wink lashes. It is tad stiff, and reminds me of those beginner fake eyelashes where you can buy easily from beauty stores. 

I am not sure of the materials of the pastel pink and blue on the lashes, but it is soft. I believe it will leave a mark if you press it hard using your nails. So you'll want to handle the lashes gently.

Ah, yes. At the end of some lashes, there's also an iridescent heart embellished on it. It really does give the キラキラ feeling!

The camera app says that I am 19 years old.
I am flattered LOL


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