Saturday, 6 August 2016

Pokémon Go official release!

I swear I knew nothing about the official release. It was a coincidence that when I opened the game, I saw the map of the town like this.

You see, it's not an empty map. It has those Pokéstops and gyms and most importantly, it shows the nearby Pokémons. Of course, I immediately took a screenshot and tweeted it. 
I scrolled down to see if I was only lucky or there's been a glitch. And nope, it's true. It's been released officially in Malaysia!

Well, thanks for the welcome, guys.

I spent a few hours outdoor for breakfast and running errands, and caught a few.
And at home, to my surprise, there were a few good ones too.

All those in one seating, if you haven't already noticed.
I do feel the urge to put on my trainers and just walk out to town just to catch the Pokémons.


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