Sunday, 21 August 2016

Costest Makeup!

I am back! I had so much fun last weekend I don't even know where to start! But before I do start telling you what happened last weekend, here are some costest makeup photos!

I was unsure which fake lashes to use for my cosplay, so I tested the lashes and asked for Spacechan's opinion.

Natural lashes

J-fashion lashes

You can definitely guess what or who I am cosplaying, it is quite obvious.
Spacechan agreed to go with the latter.

Then, I costested the prison bunny. If you followed my Snapchat, you could see my progress of the costume! If you are not a follower yet, my account is @vivian.chong  *winkwink*

Seriously, how do you even crossplay?
Okay, I mean, this is my first cross character. I really don't know how to makeup this character. Spacechan said that it looks fine tho. I can't be too manly anyway since this character is bubbly! Other than that, I am also considering if I should really add the nose (the shading in both photos).

Please stay tuned for queued posts!


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