Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Port Dickson Trip

I felt like I haven't been on a trip for so long, particularly to somewhere I have never been to before. So, last weekend, I went to Port Dickson. Not only to the beach, but to other nearby tourist attractions as well!

I went to the Wu Gong San, a Chinese temple. It is located on a small hill. The view from above is so beautiful! Some photos I captured there:

Pretty koi fish~

I also went to the army museum. There were many war tanks, vehicles used during the war and weapons. There were even plane debris too! It was nice, but what killed me was the weather that day hahah. 

After checking in the resort, I went to the sea and swam there as well as in the swimming pool. I got one or two tones darker now hahah. But I enjoyed myself very much! The seaside at night was pretty too! There were so many stars, but it's a shame that my camera's unable to capture them.

And, sunrise.


And look what ten minutes difference can do

After breakfast, I went to the Ostrich Farm. Well, there are more than just ostrich there. The first thing I saw there was mbek.

And then, ostrich! It's my first time touching one and I was so excited to capture photos with it!

The ostrich is a female and its name is Putri, which means princess! 

This pony didn't look too friendly.

Also, I got to ride on a pony! It's my first time too! I was so nervous and worried that I might fall off from the saddle.

On a side note, I didn't feel good because it is a pony, trained to carry tourists on its back. Its name is Kamal, I hope it gets treated nicely,

Ostrich egg!

An ostrich egg can withstand the weight up to 150 KG.
So fragile yet so strong

After that, I went to feed John Dragon!

It is a herbivore! 
Then, I walked to the rabbit sanctuary. 
Yes, they're all adorable, until I see this one.

Its nose bridge.

The cage must have caused it.

My second time touching a snake!

Bro, you ok? 


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