Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Pokémon Go

This morning when I was checking my FB, I saw the newsfeed on the Pokémon Go. One of my friends who is in Australia has already downloaded it, and I scrolled further down just to see that it is not available in Malaysia yet. I refuse to believe and check it out for myself, but fact remains as fact. I tried changing my location but it didn't work.

Later on, I checked again. My other friend shared a link saying that it is available. I checked the link and yes, it works! You have no idea how delighted I was!

I shared the link with my brother hahah

So happy that I can play it~

But the gamification..... Ugh, I wish I didn't have to walk around too much just to find new Pokémon, but being Pokémon, of course it is impossible. 

Here's my username.

To level up, I simply have to catch new Pokémons~
note: This is the unofficial game.


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