Monday, July 18, 2016

In Loving Memory of Narukids Deadfish

If you have been in the cosplay community for longer than I have, I am positive that you know a cosplayer by the name Narukids Deadfish, or at least you have heard of her name.

Naruto: Konoha Gakuen-den as Konan

I do not know her very well, but we have spoken to each other. She's a very friendly lady and is always ready to give advises, be it advises for cosplay, human relationships. Once, we happened to want to cosplay as the same character in the same cosplay group. I let her have the character, but she let me too. In the end, neither of us cosplayed that character hahah

Derpy me as Hinata

During the years when I was inactive in cosplay, I have known her from afar that she's a very outgoing and supportive person. Basically, the YOLO kind of lady~ It is always fun to have a friend like her, eh? ^___^

This morning when I was scrolling my Facebook, the first post on my timeline was about her, passing. The first thing I thought was what, are you serious? Are you kidding me?  I scrolled further down, and the next few posts were also on the same thing. 

I was in disbelieve. I feel so pain inside and all my thoughts are on her. I froze for a moment, wanting to ask my colleagues to send their prayers to her but at the same time, I couldn't even talk it out to anyone. I passed the message to Spacechan to soothe the pain a little. She found out that Narukids had been battling a cancer for the past four years, and only several know about her condition. We all are in agony. All of us.

Even though I am not close to her, but.. I really feel sad for her passing. I hope she is at a better place in heaven above. I will remember Narukids. 


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