Sunday, June 5, 2016

New Possession

If you haven't already seen my latest photo uploaded on my Instagram, then I'd like to tell you now, that I am running out of money. I'll have to wait till the next payday, which is like three more Thursdays from now. 

I don't really feel anything about it though. In fact, I am quite happy because I bought something! Something that I have always wanted to buy since a few years ago! Here, I present you,

My new acoustic guitar. And it has a matte finish, just like I wanted!

The music store owner recommended me Epiphone's but it has a glossy surface, which is quite a turn off for me. So I opt for this Cort even though the price is higher. I know I have to take the Cort back the moment I lay my fingers on it. The connection, the bond is there.

I am so loving this guitar and it looks so good with my rainbow strap LOL!! No regrets~


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