Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Dessert Day with Iris

Iris is my cousin sister. She wanted to meet up with me and since I was around in KL, we went out for a day! She asked me if I had any places I wished to go, and I told her some cafes that I always heard of, such as Owls Cafe and Softsrve.

We planned to go to the former first! Unfortunately, it was having a day off. Softsrve too. Luckily we had not left for the cafes yet. That was when we discovered that Softsrve has an outlet near my aunt's place where I stayed. So we were excited! And when we reached, we realised that it  hasn't started operating yet. Outlet in progress.

Then, Iris brought me to Inside Scoop!

An ice-cream house! We had charcoal waffle topped with mint and cempedak ice-creams! We agreed that the waffle was a bit too soft for our liking. Hahah!
Then, we planned to visit a pet cafe! I've always wanted to visit a dog cafe, and you have no idea how eager I was! And it's not too far from Inside Scoop

Again, it was having a day off.
And we went to have another dessert in Mid Valley.
Here are some shots of the Angry Bird theme!

Guess who is elder.

We went to Llao Llao (read in Spanish). It's almsot like Tutti Fruitti, except that the only flavour available is the natural flavour. There are waaaaay lot more toppings and the spoon is unique, IMO!

The spoon looks like tulip leaf!

We had choco balls and oreo fillings, finished with *insert name* chocolate sauce! There are so many different kinds of chocolate sauce LOL! 

We went back to Iris's house for dinner! I missed seeing uncle and aunty. Hahah, family, where everyone is loved!


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