Friday, May 20, 2016

[REVIEW] LANEIGE BB Cushion Pore Control in #13 True Beige

Frankly speaking, I have always doubt BB or CC cream or cushion or whatever on my face. Always. Because I don't think these types of product suit my oily face. I always think that oily face + creamy products = more oily face + maybe pimples. I am not sure why, but I have finally decided to give BB cushion a try after all these years.

So, I bought my very first BB cushion from Laneige via @thepastels_shop on Instagram. I opt for the collaboration between Laneige x Play No More because of the cute packaging hahah. 

Inside the box is the cushion case (with the cushion inside), a refill as well as an instruction sheet.

The case itself feels tad bulky, but I'm fine with it. It would be better if it's smaller because it would be very convenient for travelling.

Like any other compact case, it comes in the form of a clam shell. There's a mirror in the case. Be careful not to drop the puff. 

And behind the puff is the cushion, secured by an air-tight lid!

 Be sure to close it tightly after opening it. Or else, your cushion will dry up!

↑ I'm not sure why, but people always post photos of their cushion like that, so.....

Left - without BB cushion
Right - with BB cushion

First impression:
Gawd. Is this how dewy suppose to feel and look like?
I feel that it's...kind of......greasy, smooth. Not as matte as I thought it would be. I wanted to review this right away actually, but I changed my mind, just to further experience the BB cushion. So.... please read~

01 Bright and Clear Whitening Care
Just look at my previous photo, the with and without BB cushion. Isn't obvious that my face is brighter after I applied the BB cushion?

02 Strong Sunscreen Effect
I am unsure about this. It claims that it has SPF 50+ PA ++++. Please be the judge!

03 Long Lasting Makeup
Apparently, it didn't work well with my eyeliner, but I think it is my eyeliner's issue with my skin lol. My eyeliner melts even if I don't use this BB cushion. I haven't tried with other makeup products yet, but at least my eyebrow pencil stays there and doesn't melt. I haven't sweated under the BB cushion yet. I'll edit the post in the future!

04 Refreshing and Cooling Sensation
The refreshing and cooling sensation was there for that few milliseconds when you apply the product on your face. The sensation's gone before you know it! Maybe it's due to the humidity in Malaysia, maybe it works just fine in Korea.

05 Natural and Clean Skin Tone
Well, I hope my face is fair even without the brightening effect from this BB cushion. I guess it does look natural and clean. 

It smells so good, like the Garnier Light whitening lotion. If you're allergic to scent, please refrain yourself from buying this! 

Watery but not runny. Buildable within two applications. When I applied it, it seems to cake up on my eyelids. Did I apply too much on my eyelids? I really don't know because this is my first time applying this.

Sebum control
Nope. Compared to my powder foundation, this BB cushion doesn't control the sebum. Oil blotter is always essential especially if you have oily face.

After more than six hours

Beautified XD

That's all for this review~  I hope my review helps you in deciding whether or not you should get this BB cushion!


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