Sunday, May 1, 2016

I bought a new phone!

I sure had forgotten to tell you guys that I bought a new phone earlier this month! Previously, I used Redmi Note 3G, the very first generation of Redmi Note from Xiaomi. If you have not heard of Xiaomi, well, it's a shame! I love that phone and took very good care of it. It's always in a rubber casing, just in case I drop it and causing dents at the edges. It's still in an excellent condition, and my mom is now using the phone.

My new phone is the third generation, known as the Redmi Note 3. It was officially launched at the end of March, and was on sale on the website on 6th April at 12 PM. Just like any other new phone, I know it is going to be very limited and whosoever grabs it and pays first will get the phone. I swear I was trying to place the order on mobile and on the PC in my workplace. LMAO. I gave my brother my username and password for the Mi website. And, I even adjusted the time so that it's a few minutes ahead. XDD Of course it didn't work. I thought I missed the chance and almost gave up trying when it was like 12:04 PM, I refreshed my mobile just to be sure that it's really sold out.

To my surprise, I successfully added it into my cart!
Another surprise, my brother added it into my cart too!
So I had two phones in my cart, and I removed one. I told my brother that, and I was worried if he removed one too. I wasn't sure what or why, but at one point, I couldn't see anything in my cart. Again, I thought it was gone for good (ಥ﹏ಥ). Then, my brother told me that it's already in "My Order", waiting for payment. So fucking glad and thankful LOL.

I ordered it in gold! I wished it had rose gold colour, though. The bunny was a gift from Mi. I hadn't order the casing and screen protector that time, and I waited for another week before I could really use it.

Oh, the reason behind the purchase is the 16MP camera feature. It is the major factor, since I love capturing photos. 

However, there's something I dislike about the phone, though. It heats up pretty quickly. Maybe I didn't feel the heat when I used the previous phone because it's always in rubber casing. With the brand new phone, even though I use it for a few minutes, the phone gets hot. It's a turn off. 

And another thing that I feel very disappointed about the phone is the camera itself. Yes, it has beautify and filters all built in, but I feel that the first gen did a way better job, especially in terms of the video. You can just record it, but you basically can't zoom it. I mean, you can, if you don't mind everything becomes blur and mosaic.

I'm unable to show one from the previous phone because it's not with me right now. Here are some shots I captured using Redmi Note 3

Quality acceptable.
And here's a selfie, with the beautify at Mild, no edit whatsoever.

I can't make the video comparison but I can show you the image comparison.

Redmi Note 3G

Redmi Note 3

You can tell a lot by just enlarging them and looking at the nose.
You can see the texture of the nose so clearly in the Note 3G, and you basically can't see any texture of the nose in the Note 3.

Major disappointment.
Goodbye closeup shots.


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