Sunday, 8 May 2016

Ah bu Jit

You probably don't know what Ah bu Jit is, unless you understand the Hokkien! In English, it simply means Mother's Day! I didn't do much to celebrate this day with my mother.

The older you get, you will realise that your mother won't want you to spend money buying her things or presents. You will see why and understand. You are highly likely to feel the same way when you have children too.

Well I don't have children. But the way I see this from my perspective is that, material things and their value cannot symbolise our love, care, time, and everything for my mother. And I know my mother doesn't want me to spend money buying her gifts. So, okay, I know that, and I'd better not buy her gifts too. Not even flowers because she's allergic to scents.

Even though the second Sunday in the month of May is Mother's Day, but to me, every day is mother's day! I asked her what she'd like to eat because she won't say no to food, she told me that she wanted to eat pizza. So, I brought her to Pizza Hut. It's been ages since she last had pizza from Pizza Hut.

It was lunch peak and the food was served like 40 minutes after the drinks came. Mom loves their chicken wings and had them in the spicy sauce.

We ordered the Signature Barbecue Bang! It is a thin crust pizza topped with chicken, mushroom, onions and I don't remember what else, and of course, finished with the barbecue sauce. It was great!


I hope mom will always be blessed with good health and wealth ^___^
Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there!


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