Monday, 16 May 2016

16th May

So, I've come to realise that this date is probably the only working date which I don't have to bother so much about what people might think of me. 16th May, if you're a teacher, comes with a theme.

In my school, the theme for this year's Teacher's Day is "Waktu Dulu-dulu", or old times. Some of the teacher told me to put on opera costumes and even the phoenix crown. They said I could wear cheongsam. The first thing I thought was, well I'm not gonna those and please you. Also, where the fuck could I get those garments and headwear? And what opera? You think my family fucking own an opera hall and run opera-related business?? I was thinking of not wearing anything related to the local.

I had thought of wearing a Victorian gown (hint: gothic lolita) but I don't have such outfit and Taobao is not going to make it in time. Then, I thought of a kimono, or at least a yukata. I owned one but I sold it years ago. So I browsed through FB's secondhand cosplay shop and came across a hanbok. I asked Jo for his opinion and he agreed that I should totally go for it. I thought of the same too. I had never thought of putting on a hanbok and I should try it. Besides, the price was within my budget.

At least I think I look good in it, aside from the missing accessories.

Today is my first and official Teacher's Day, and it went quite well. The only joy killer was the celebration was in the morning and right after that, the students had to sit for their mid-year examination.

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I was surprised when some students apologised for not having anything to give. It's not a compulsory thing to do. I'm more than thankful that they come to school. I hope they'll do well in school and get a good job in the future~

Happy Teacher's Day!

I'd also like to thank all my teachers and lecturers, and anyone who teaches me directly or indirectly, for making me who I am today. Without you, without me~ Happy teacher's day~

I hope the theme for next year will be able to make me dress differently~


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