Saturday, 2 April 2016

#teamKebenaran in Animax Day 2!

I am happy to inform that the Boboi Boy cosplay was again debuted, and this time, with Fang and Yaya! Ina finally made it and she was our Yaya. Whereas Spacechan cosplayed as Fang, and Adli joined us as Boboi Boy. It was a bit difficult to persuade Adli to join us because he felt reluctant as he is tall and he thought he wouldn't make a great Boboi Boy. We're all glad when he finally agreed. I went as Ying, of course. I wish we had Gopal and Papa Zola too!

before Adli turned up!
*ps: thank you for the photo~

Fang's Shadow Falcon (Helang Bayang) was amazing but many people thought it looked like a chicken! LOL! 

By the way, I, as well as the rest of the team, is delighted to say that we are happy to be featured on the Boboi Boy FB page and Instagram. Please support our cosplay by hitting the thumb up button on FB and/or Instagram!

Thanks Riez Forester for the amazing photo!

You can find the photo on my Instagram or by searching #boboiboy

Thank you photog for the photo! w

Have a trio selfie~

The top was captured in 2012 when we cosplayed Tonari no Kaibutsukun in Comic Fiesta~ And the bottom is of course 2016. 

The Y&Y Combo
Left: 2012
Right: 2016

It is my first Animax Carnival after all these years and I am not sure if have enjoyed myself there, because I was sick on that day. But I think it went pretty well. I heard GARNiDELiA's concert from outside the hall and I think everyone was very excited. I wish I wasn't feeling weak, then I could roam around more and talk to other cosplayers. And, oh, thank you Spacechan and Ina for getting me the Panadol Actifast and water! 


Yeah, I came up with that hashtag myself. XD;; 
And, please download the BoboiBoy: Power Spheres game from the Playstore!

Not your typical connect the bubbles of the same colour

Ying cosplay is, by far, one of the characters I enjoy cosplaying the most. Again, thank you Animonsta for producing Boboi Boy! Memang terbaik!


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