Thursday, 14 April 2016

New Family Members

are finally here! We had been waiting for a little more than two weeks, and then on the 4th April, a Monday, four of them arrived!

LOL fresh from the womb!

Congratulations Lassie for being a mother now! I hope the puppies will grow up healthily. Shiro is surprisingly doing very well as a father, too ^___^

I have a lot of photos of the puppies, but I am going to post only two and a video.

This one is totally like Shiro! It is all white! It likes to have something to rest its head on - cloth, or the back of its siblings. Like in the picture, it rested its head on my arm. Isn't it the cutest thing in the world right now? Ahahaha and oh, it's a female!~

How can you not love this one? I mean, just look at its belly! 
And here is one video I made! I had it on my Instagram too!

I hope the puppies all will be healthy and happy!


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