Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Visit to the Charcoal Factory!

Honestly, I didn't know the visit would so much fun! I used to think that it would be boring, but I am totally wrong!

This charcoal factory is located in Kuala Sepetang, Taiping. The first thing I saw at the junction of the factory is a booth which sells charcoal products! And along the street, the smell of the smoke (of burning wood) is very clear.

Outside the factory is booths selling products from the factory itself, such as ornaments (wood element for Feng Shui!) charcoal soap, and a few others. I wish I had a photo of the factory, but I forgot to capture it. You can always google it! And I wish I had bought the charcoal soap! *cries* 

Into the factory...

Woods to be turned into charcoal

The woods are not burned, but they are steamed in a giant oven. 

There are 4 charcoal ovens in this factory

Each oven is like 10m tall.

The smoke from the steaming escapes from the side of the oven, and also through the metal hollow rod too.

The end of the metal hollow rod is near the roof of the factory, high up. 

The factory itself is quite warm actually, with the heat and whatnot. 


I got a sweet potato! Burned with charcoal! 

These are the ornaments or house decorations I was talking about. They are pretty actually, but I have no use of them.

Charcoals that will be further chopped into smaller pieces before packaging them.

Business time LOL!

It's really a great experience!
When I leave the charcoal factory, I smell like smoke! XD


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