Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Caught up with Jo

After being FFK-ed by Jo last December, he finally made it and we met up!

The last time we hung out together was in December 2014 lol. That was pretty long ago. I arrived early and after walking for few steps...

I hoped no one noticed that and I stayed put until Jo came. Well, at least, I didn't have to walk alone! (whatever that means XD) So we went to several shoes shops, but no luck. We eventually went in to AEON and found a pair of decent shoes which matched my apparel that day!

I threw those 'old' shoes away right after I paid for the new shoes lol! Jo and I then went to grab our brunch. He's pretty cool and we talked about quite a lot of things. Mostly about girls. LMAO. 

We went to Starbucks for another round of F&B. I had this:

Vanilla XOXO

Mild strawberry flavour~ Quite nice actually.

And a mandatory selfie before going home.

Thanks Jo!


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