Thursday, 25 February 2016

Tauke re-grammed!

When my Ola Bola excitement was still burning over the weekend, I drew a fan art of Chow Kwok Keong aka the Tauke. I wanted to draw him looking all cool but cool isn't my line after all. I stayed with my own cute style and voila, my first painting of the year!

Instagram: @_vivianchong

I did tag the actor of the Tauke, @jc_chee and honestly, I've always wanted me, my drawing or anything me to be featured in somebody else's social media. And three mornings after uploading the fan art, I woke up to a bunch of notifications of the Instagram. One of those was this:

Tauke re-grammed my fan art! This totally made my morning! I was smiling all morning because of it. Having my drawing being re-grammed by an actor just made me baffled! Oh, and Balak Eric's actor, @therealericteng followed me too! That's crazy!!!!


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