Saturday, 20 February 2016

Sweet Friday! #OlaBola #stadiumastro

I was scrolling my 'other' Twitter timeline and I saw interesting RT concerning Mark Odea, the infamous 8TV Quickie host. He was to give away two movie passes to watch Ola Bola with him on Friday night! I fulfilled the terms and conditions and replied to his tweet as to why I want to watch Ola Bola with him.

He RT-ed my tweet and I received a Favourite from an anon, I guess it was normal. I checked my Twitter quite often to see if Mark had announced the result or anything. Then, on Friday morning, this pop-ed up at the notification:

I was like (☆▽☆) OMG chill, darling. Chill! 
And I checked my inbox.

Completely delighted! I was busy with work and knowing that I've won the ticket just made me happy! So I asked my brother if he could let me sleep over for a night but he said mom wouldn't let me drive far and all.

When I got home after school, I told mom that I'd head to KL later and told her why. She was against it actually, because, you know.. I live in Perak. Watching movie all the way from Perak is/was a silly idea for her. For anyone. Or everyone actually. But I thought, no, I've been good all along please just let me do what I want for once. So, granted! We left at about 3 PM.

I've got to be honest; The three to four hours journey to the venue was a bit tiring, but I was happy. When I first saw Mark, I was like Σ(□_□). Mark seriously looks so much better in person than on the telly screen! 
Anyway, first selfie!!

And this is the other winner. Coincidently, we wore matching clothes.

She's so nice!

A quick wefie in front of the GSC food counter with another winner~ 
I think she won it at another social media or something.

So here are all the lucky winners!

And Ola Bola was reeeaaaaaally awesome. Even more awesome when I could watch it with Mark and new friends lol! I don't remember the last time I joined an outing. All of us took more group photos before we left. I took photos with him again.

(* ̄ii ̄)

Of course, this is necessary.
An instax selfie!

Although I was tired by the end of the day, but everything was worth it. I finally got to meet Mark and I made new friends! Also, I yumcha-ed with my relatives after that. Brother drove us home after that lol and we got home at about 3 AM. This, I suppose, is the sweetest Friday night ever
And I can finally say,



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