Sunday, 14 February 2016

Granger Shots

"The HP feel is strong this year"
 is in fact true and I was asked to join the Harry Potter cosplay group. And I know I can not say no to Harry Potter, so I agreed! I had thought of cosplaying Ginny in  the Quidditch outfit, but in the end I've decided to cosplay Hermione instead to complete the Golden Trio!

The cloak and all arrived except the sweatshirt because I have not ordered it yet, and I used my old wig in the costest. The wig resembled Hermione's hair in the first movie. However, I thought of getting another wig which will be more accurate.

Also, this old wig is in dark brown, which reminds me of a Ravenclaw Hermione. Hahah so I think I will really get a new wig for Hermione.

Finally found a use for my Literature textbook.
Really good prop lol!

The book hugging pose is good. =w="

I don't know how to pose to look smart, because I end up looking either cute or bitchy. LOL! I don't look good either if I don't smile ( ╥ω╥ ). So..............

One of my favourite pictures for no reason.

I can't wait to debut Hermione Grangero(≧▽≦)o


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