Saturday, 26 December 2015

REVIEW: (a) Innisfree No-Sebum Blur Primer VS (b) Shiseido Refining Makeup Primer VS (c)Shiseido Glow Enhancing Primer

This is just a quick review to let you know about my final thought on the primers I have reviewed previously. If you wish to read it again, click here for the blur primer review, here for the refining makeup primer review, and here for the glow enhancing primer review.

I had conducted a small test to find out which of the three primers is the fastest to excrete oil. Before conducting, I predicted that the fastest will be the Shiseido glow enhancing primer and the slowest will be the Innisfree no-sebum blur primer. I used Gatsby oil clear sheet (oil blotter) as the indicator in the test.

This is how it looks like

I put a little of each primer on the sheet, like below

I started the test at 12:00 PM, as written in the photo. 
I had combined the photos captured and inserted the time each photo was taken. You can see the oil excretion result for yourself. I had also enlarged the photo for you to see better.

The Verdict
The first half an hour had already surprised me. When I applied the blur primer, it worked so well and I felt that glow enhancing primer was the oiliest of all! I was so wrong about it! Even when I applied it on my face, I had to blot the oil from time to time!

After more than six hours, you can definitely tell me which one excretes the oil the most and the fastest. Even though the blur primer and refining makeup primer are able to hide the pores, but they don't do well as a primer compared to the glow enhancing primer. How delightful that the glow enhancing primer does not excrete much oil after more than six hours!

Final thought
Shiseido Glow Enhancing Primer is the best among the three! However, in my opinion, the only weakness it has is it barely hides any pore on the face. If only this is fixed, this primers is the one!


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