Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Jolly in Lolita on CF day 1

The Comic Fiesta 2015 had ended in the weekend and I still can't get over my hype! Hopefully the post anicon feelings won't hit me so soon!

This year's Comic Fiesta (CF, for short) was held in the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre. I knew it's a better venue for its bigger hall, but little did I (and probably other attendees) know that there'd be a terrible and heavy traffic. I left for CF at roughly 11:50 AM and I was stuck in the crazy traffic. I was not sure how crazy was crazy when I read my friends' statuses and tweets about the traffic. BUT we all knew the traffic was crazy and that's that. Basically the vehicles moved by merely a few metres in ten or fifteen minutes. By right, I could have reached the venue at 12:10 PM or earlier, but because of the ridiculous traffic, I reached there at 2:20 PM. I was stuck there for more than two hours! The entertaining part during the jam was when the cosplayers in the next car tried to communicate with me. (・∀・)ノ

I also knew that the ticket counter would be another crazy queue, so I had already secured  my tickets online and I could easily enter the event area.

teehee :9
my early bird tickets for both days~

I was not sure where exactly was the entrance path for reentry and us, who had the early bird tickets. It was a coincident to meet a few cosplayers outside the venue so I asked them, and tagged along with them because I didn't want to walk alone lmao. They were nice and kind, and I still feel thankful to have met them outside.

When I got into the event hall, I was mesmerized by a live art, like whoaaaaaaa. I can never draw like that. It was pretty awesome to see the artist drawing it with passion.

bad angle sobs

 And then I met
Mr Satan of Dragon Ball!!!! OMG

A must-visit booth in any given anicon, the Culture Japan booth by Danny Choo. I need to admire the dolls and creations sobs. They're pricey, and although I can afford one but I might abandon it in the future.. so I never get myself one of the smart dolls. Yes, smart dolls. Go google it!

The dissembled body parts. 

The work of the machine.

Jolly in lolita? This was my lolita coordination on day 1 of CF~

Headbow, Blouse, JSK, Brooch: White Moon
Wristcuffs: Haruhi Clover
Bag: Loris
Socks: Off-brand
Shoes: AnTaiNa
Bloomer: Hand-sewn
Petticoat: Classical Puppets

 Thanks to Hannah mami for capturing the OOTD shot~ 
And now, the selfies I took~

OMG look! A selfie with Danny Choo!!!
(bottom left)

They say we only regret the chances we did not take. Well for me, it's the selfies I did not take lol (´。• ᵕ •。`)

Day 1 was really tiring. I suppose it's because of the traffic. I got back with flu and almost fever. I think that's about it. Please stay for the day 2 update!


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