Monday, 2 November 2015


Hello, readers! I have been on hiatus for months and decided to say something out.

Alright! I have entered to a new phase in life a little more than 2 months ago - I am already working! After years of study, I am finally an English teacher. What I can say is, the actual situation is way different than what I faced in my practicum. I have a lot more to learn and cope, and I hope I'll be fine (´。• ᵕ •。`)

I have turned 24 last Friday.。.:*☆!  

I will be doing some product reviews soon! Please stay tuned! *hint: Innisfree & Shiseido*

Sometimes I wonder if anyone blogs actively. Clearly, my friends don't and I'm starting to blog again after months. I know Singaporeans still do, but I'm not quite sure about Malaysia.


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