Thursday, 26 November 2015

After nearly 11 months of waiting,

my convocation was finally held this morning!

Excuse my bored face.

I actually don't really feel anything, maybe because I was tired. But I am glad that I officially checked graduating off my list. 

Here are some selfies I managed to capture, and an appreciation note is just below the last photo~

This was after the ceremony~

       Graduating first degree

Losing dad to cancer back in 1998 has made mom play the parts of both parents. She worked hard to support both brother and I, taught us homework and provided the best for us with whatever she had - I got reference and revision books instead of Barbie dolls. Although I was not as bright as my brother, but he has always been my inspiration to excel in academics. I am glad mom has never given up on me. Her strength in being the mother and father at the same time makes her the Iron Lady in my life. Without her, I wouldn't be graduating from a university with flying colours. All my achievements, I honour them to you. Now that I am already working, I will play my part to lift the burdens off your shoulders. Thank you mom~


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