Monday, 25 May 2015

REVIEW: 3CE Magic Touch Face Maker in Beige

And here is the the review for the 3 Concept Eyes Magic Touch Face Maker in beige. Fabulous makeup product.

As seen in this post, you can tell that it is a highlighter and bronzer product. I have heard of the wonders of what a highlighter can do and been longing for one. Since I was still studying and could not afford one myself, I used to put white shimmery eyeshadow over my cheekbones, nose, under the tail of my eyebrows and wherever necessary. And also brownish eyeshadow at my jaws to create the dimensional look. Of course it was silly and folly of me to put shimmery product in place of the highlighter and bronzer. Wrong move because it can make my skin looks oilier. Now that I have finished my first degree and currently working part time, I think I must invest some money on personal grooming. So, yeah.

Here is a picture of myself before applying on the 3CE Magic Touch Face Maker. I believe I looked plain despite the light makeup on my face.

And this is a picture after applying the 3CE Magic Touch Face Maker. Not very much of bronzer because I am still learning the right way to apply it.

Notice how my nose and cheekbones look more defined. Of course this is not the work of any shimmer because highlighter and bronzer are not supposed to give shimmery effect. The first time I applied it, I actually went wow. My face looked like it was glowing. As a first timer, I was amazed. Also, I received compliments saying that I looked like Datin, and I looked fresh. I was like thank goodness for this magic.

I forgot to do the swatch, but let me assure you that the bronzer is very natural. I look forward to use this product again anytime in the future, and I will also purchase this again for its reasonable price! 

Before                                            After

This is the last week before entering the second semester of 2015. How quick the time flies. I can't wait for the holidays. :)


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