Thursday, 16 April 2015

Another fan art :D

Wow, I have been away for a fortnight. So how are you peeps?
I thought my days had been pretty humdrum and I had nothing to blog about. It turned out that I do have several things to say.

First of all, I finally watched Usavich after my friend persuaded me to. I have heard about Usavich and do know a few of my friends who cosplayed the series. The verdict is;

Ohgawd why didn't I watch this much earlier?!

There are only 5 seasons so far and I am dying to watch the 6th! The word "usa" comes from the word usagi, which means rabbit in Japanese; and vich is a Russion word added to give the Russian essence to the series. With that being said, Usavich is made up of rabbit. There are also noticeable Russian characters (in the calendar, books) in the series.

I like Putin, the rabbit in green stripes. The one in pink stripes is Kirenenko, the main character. And this is my fan art. (☆´∀`)

These are how they look like in the series, if you're wondering.

And here's one of the makeup items I bought recently. It's one of the three Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek Flower Harmony series products. I bought the RD 401 Cherry Mix which is a limited edition one, and an RD 303 Mandarin Mix which has a peachy tone.

I have yet to try them out on my skin yet. When I do, I might do a review about them.

Till then. Bye.


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