Monday, March 2, 2015

Teluk Intan, A National Heritage Declaration

The declaration was made on the 28th February at the infamous Leaning Clock Tower of Teluk Intan itself. I have always thought of it being a recognised heritage, but I didn't know it wasn't official.

The declaration was very lively and many T.I. folks were there to witness, and so were mom and I. Although it was really crowded, I managed to take some photos and record some of the performances.

There were 24 festive drums performance, singing by a few local artists, lion dance (which I love most), dragon and phoenix dance, Tai Chi, fan dance and diabolo performance. It was my first time watching the diabolo with my own eyes. I recorded and uploaded it on YouTube. You can view it here too. =D

We stayed until the end of the event and got home at 1.20 AM.
Pretty tiring, but it was worth the fun and time =D


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