Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Back to black with some comments.

I have dyed my hair black last week.
I know it is a little bit too soon but I had an interview yesterday and mother insisted me to dye black instead of wearing a wig. So, considering this, I actually had the pink hair for only a month. Dyeing my hair black makes me feel like it was just yesterday when I dyed my hair pink.

Star Wars FTW.

The interview was a vital one, where it would decide whether or not I would be posted as a teacher. 

I put on a topsy tail pony for the interview since it is simple and neat.

I had a toast for myself after the interview.

The interview was okay and everything went smoothly. Now, let's put that aside, and look at this.

I really appreciate comments from people, saying it's a lucky colour, it looks nice on my fair skin, how rare it is to see pink and all the good ones.

When I dye black, I also appreciate my mother's friends' comments saying I look better and I appear more professional.

But I cannot stand it when one of them said that with the pink colour, I looked like I was some girl who took drugs.

Heated up inside, I only pulled a smile and played this scene in my head.

Oh, when I had pink hair, you said I looked so nice. Now in black, you said I look like some wild girl to you? So why didn't you tell me at the first place? What the actual fuck.


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