Thursday, 5 February 2015

Small Notice :D

Just a moment!
I've forgotten to mention something;

The result for my previous semester had been released on the 31st January, and frankly, I wasn't excited all that much, but I was slightly nervous when I was thinking if I should check my result already. When I had got my guts in that particular morning, I checked it right away and started wondering if I did well because I thought that I had screwed up a little bit (Asians be Asians).

Well, it was kind of frustrating to know that it hadn't been released when I was eager to check it. Then I reckoned I should wait until 12 PM.
Turned out it was released ten minutes to 12 PM.

I think the result I got was one of the happiest thing in my early 2015, and sure, people say if we worked hard our result will pay off. Glad I did not screw up at all, and I am graduating in the First-Class Honours. :)


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