Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My Meetup With Jo

So one of my closest guy friends, Jo, has returned to Malaysia from Japan and we have decided to meet up and catch up with each other. It was a coincidence actually, this meetup, because I followed my family to KL, and yeah...
Right. We met up at Mid Valley, but went to The Gardens instead because there wasn't so many people compared to the former. We headed for his lunch and he wanted to dine in at Sushi Zanmai, but there were many customers queuing outside the restaurant. Instead of joining the queue, we walked away thinking where to get his lunch. Then, he saw 'Kita no Zen' and we decided to go there.

Jo had a karaage set (chicken), and I only had dessert since I had taken my lunch before meeting him. I ordered Macha Crepe for myself.

It tastes so good that I wanted another dessert. I ordered Macha Tiramisu, but the waiter told me it was sold out *sobs*. Then I ordered Green Tea Passion.

It's delicious too, but I like the crepe better.
Being in Japan for almost one season, Jo kept saying 'thank you'. I have always liked Japan for its culture, discipline and manner. Seems like Jo has the manner already!
We headed to Starbucks for another round of chatting. Coffee always tastes better when we drink it with a friend. :)

And a must-do thing when we meetup with friends who are far from us; the selfie.

The food photos are all on my Instagram. Hell, I have been active on Instagram lately. Please follow me if you fancy!


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