Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Half-day Out

I had my escapism yesterday and went out with a senior of mine. She came and picked me up in the morning and we had brunch together, with her sisters in Jusco Kinta.
Being out from the campus means eating "rare" food. In my case, the "rare" represents two kinds of food, one being pork and another one being sushi. I decided to opt for the former, and we dined in at Wok Sifu.

I had this cheese-baked rice with pork chop. It was good. When it was served, the cheese was still bubbling around the bowl. 

And I had this.....I don't remember the name, but it's coffee with jelly (leong fun in Cantonese) on top.

We hung out and walked around, caught up with her and stuffs. I saw several books that I want to buy inside the Popular bookstore. I am so going to buy them the next time I go there. Also, I bought a set of 6 donuts and a walnut cupcake from Mister Donut. Oh, God, I swear their cupcake is the best. I have only tried their donut once, when my brother's girlfriend bought some for us somewhere in the middle of the year. It was good, so I bought them myself.

Then we went to buy McDonald's ice-cream. I had this sundae cone in large. It is about three times the size of the normal one. Aaaaaaaa~

Then, we went for another round of walking in the mall, and we went to Chatime. We chatted about so many things. She had to be home before evening and before we left, I bought this Strawberry Yogurt somethingsomething for myself. Been craving for one since the weekend.

Aaaaaaaand pictures.

I like the bottom picture. It's actually like this:

And my cute socks!

Hope to hangout with her again. ^___^


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