Monday, December 15, 2014

A (Late) Tribute to the end of Naruto series!

You know, it'd be a lie if I said that I don't miss Naruto. The facts that it has ended last month and it has been 15 glorious years of production amazed me. Well, I do feel lost somehow, like no manga to look forward to every week, but every beginning has an ending. So I don't really feel sad about it (yet). Aaaaaaaanyway, I have been wanting to post a tribute entry to Naruto. I am glad I have cosplayed as my favourite character, Hyuuga Hinata.

From the Konoha Gakuen-den.

 One of my favourite group shots.

Naruhina, as in the Konoha Gakuen-den. LOL!

Oh, yes. I am forever shipping Naruhina. In fact, I am extremely happy that Naruhina happens and they even have two children! Their names are Bolt (Boruto) and Himawari. Click on their names to see them. *brb fangirling*

Team 8

We did not have Shino! :(

 The Hyuuga~

No Hanabi! :x

My favourite solos~

 Naruto will always be missed!

And......! Naruto The Last Movie has been released in Japan. I'm sure Naruto fans are all aware of this. I can't wait to watch it!

By the way, Sasuke looks really cool with those eyes. His hairstyle reminds me of Hayate though. Do you remember who Hayate is? Click here if you don't!

Another preview of the movie. Both preview images (above and bottom) are from Shounen Jump magazine. And no, the images are not mine~

Oh, Naruhina alert!

Seriously, Hinata looks and gets even more polite and graceful as she grows. She is just so feminine and gentle. I want to grow up being a fine young lady like her too!

Yup, definitely Naruhina FTW.


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