Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gala Dinner

I have been longing to update my blog, but I have been really busy with my assignments. :( I don't think I will be getting proper or enough sleeping hours until end of this month. *sobs* Nevertheless, I am going to steal some time to blog tonight.

The Gala Dinner is a norm that my institute practises. It is akin to a farewell dinner which is organized for final semester students. So..yeah. The Gala Dinner this year was held in The Syuen Hotel. It looks somewhat grand to me. The food tasted just fine, but I did not enjoy the dessert. I spent my time in the dinner taking photos.

Meet my mentor, Madam Azizah.

And...the photos :D

The lady in blue came to me and asked to take picture with me. Only after that I know her name ^__^;;

I requested the guy in the top left to take picture with me and he was so shocked. LMAO. And I never knew the guy in the bottom left, but I just wanted to take picture with him.

The guy on top, I only know him by his name but I wanted to take picture with him anyway.

Selfies~ I wish I took more selfies. :/


And the dress I wore for the Gala Dinner. My clutch wasn't with me when I had this photo captured.

The night ended just fine, with pouring rain. :)


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