Tuesday, 21 October 2014

PISMP J Chinese Language Unit Farewell Party

As the title of this entry suggests, the farewell party was held in Heritage Hotel Ipoh on the 17th October (just last Friday). I was actually afraid that my presence would be uncomfortable to everyone else, because clearly the farewell party was meant for trainees who major and minor in Chinese.  Here, I would like to thank my friends, Carol, and my roomie for encouraging me to attend. 
You girls are amazing!

I did not capture many photos, but I do have some. So, this is how it looks like when I looked up from the place I sat. There were more balloons hung after I took the photo. It was pretty spacious in there. 

And there was a pond, with koi fish. It's pretty and I love having the pond there.

I went to my ex-roomie and took a group photo with her and her classmates. They are all awesome and I miss having them around. 

From left: Loo Chia, Kai Yi, Yee Hung (that's her!), Vivian, Yoke Nee, myself

A few more photos. 

Young at heart, okay?

On the stage after the party.

Okay, I know you've just seen my dress, but I am still going to show you what I wore that day. Hah.

Here are the selfes and photos taken!

It was indeed an enjoyable and a wonderful afternoon. I loved spending my time there although I know very few. :)


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