Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Beginning of The Final

It was the first Sunday in September and hence, I know my life as a final semester will begin in no time. Frankly speaking, I was extremely reluctant to face the reality. Reality, as in, student's life and books, assignments, you know.. I was just not ready yet. I wanted my holidays. I would want to just skip the whole semester and just graduate.

My quick lunch after unpacking my stuffs, bought by my brother. :')

Well instead of whining (I actually did), I might as well enjoy my final semester and make the most out of the life as a student, and create more moments in this institution. Okay, so, here's a picture of me on Monday morning, which was yesterday.


And I went jogging, too. It made me feel good, and I know I just need my motivation back. I want to be in my best shape. :)

6.18 KM in less than 53 minutes.

Keep fighting~
Stay tuned for my next entry!


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